The Place

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Della Boutique Hotel Ho Chi Minh

A chic, multifunctional space hotel located in the most convenient tourism spot of Ho Chi Minh. We do not simply offer you accommodation but varieties of fun activities with the locals. Whether you are a backpacker seeking for an economic but comfortable stay in the middle of the pricy center of HCM, or one preferring luxurious experience, we have just the right space for you. Browse through Our Offers to see what we have in store and pick your favourite.Della Hotel HCM

Heaps of fun during your stay

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Traveling is not just going around then return to your room and rest, it is also about being enjoyable at the place you stay. Here at Della Tower, our guests have full access to many other areas, notably ZUMA Rooftop Bar where you will enjoy delicious snacks and drinks while viewing the city from one of the most advantageous point of view.

In addition, there are many events taking place at Della Tower HCM every week and month, such as culture night, acoustic music mini show, BBQs and exclusively close-up magic nights where our sleight of hand artists will blow your mind with their illogical and wizardry stuffs. These activities not only guarantee our guests tons of joys during their stay, they are sometimes too entertaining that you may want to just stay inside and forget the beautiful city outside.

Our team of staff

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We are world travelers just like you who fell in love with this city and settled here. Thus we understand your every needs and expectations in a quality holiday and strive to bring you the most pleasure during your stay. Let us be your local family while away from your home, those who will treat you not only a guest, but also as a travel partner, and of course, a family member.

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