Hotel Policy

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We have a pretty laid-back atmosphere at the Della Boutique hotel with designated smoking rooms on the balcony of each dorm. All private rooms are of course non –smoking. However, we do have a roof top bar, smokers are welcome to use the facility.

If you’re young at heart – you’re bound to enjoy what we offer. However, to maintain our chilled atmosphere we do have our set of rules:

    • Anyone under 18 year of age must be accompanied by an adult with consent letter from their guardians attached copy of IDs.
    • Private party inside dorms is prohibited
    • Destructive behaviors towards other guests and/or hotel’s properties will not be tolerated
    • No pets are allowed on the premise for this time.
    • Guests are responsible for their belongings. Please keep your valuables in designated lockers provided by us.
    • Guests are responsible for towels provided by the hotel, please exchange for new ones each day. Any lost or damage will result in a penalty. We try to keep our costs down to provide you the best service for the lowest possible cost. We greatly appreciate your cooperation.
    • Guests are solely responsible for access card provided by us. Any lost or damage will result in a penalty.
    • We are a non- smoking hotel with designated smoking zone. Any guest who violate this will be charge with a penalty. Please keep in mind that all of our public areas are smoke –free zone. All of our hallway and rooms are equipped with smoke detector. In the event of violation to this rule and causing triggering of smoke alarm and water being dispensed, guest will be responsible for all damages.

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